Welcome to Zumiez 100K
The most bonkers, over the top employee recognition event on the planet. Held annually in Keystone, Colorado my team and I at Zumiez would put on an unforgettable event.

Every year we developed a different theme to build the branding and decor. No two years were alike. From 2018-2020 I was responsible for creating the event's logo, a portion of the decor on site, and a variety of recognition pieces given away at the event. These ranged from pins, shirts, magnets, trophies, potato stress balls, buckets of goop... it got weird.
2020 — A New Frontier

A small portion of recognition pieces for attendees (below)
2019 — Life Hackathon
Final logo (above) process & sketches (right)

We developed an elaborate scavenger hunt at the event if you wanted to hunt down a pin for every region of Zumiez stores. (below)
2018 — 40 Years!

Final logo (above) and process (right)
This logo features cameos from many memorable 100K moments throughout the ages. If you recognize someone in there they likely performed or were involved at a previous event.

Recognition gifts (below) including a very cool record I got to create the packaging for.
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