On Tour with Tacocat
Rudy's Cut & Ride Airstream was originally fabricated for a west coast tour with Seattle's Tacocat. A Rudy's stylist joined the band on tour and gave away free haircuts outside their shows.

I was responsible for the vehicle wrap (the design and application), promotional materials, and motion graphics for the accompanying video series by Lisa Bolden.
Hairstream Rebrand
After the original tour the trailer needed a rebrand. Here it is at Sasquatch in 2015 along with a set of free t-shirts and buttons I created for the event.
Cut and Ride PDX
One of my last projects with Rudy's was another iteration of the Cut and Ride branding. This time for a Portland benefit. I loved recreating the logo with a couple years of experience with the brand under my belt.

Thanks to Rudy's managers Kale and Aaron for modeling the tees we made for the employees at the events.
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