Zumiez Best Foot Forward

I love BFF. Every year Zumiez hosts skate contests internationally giving anyone, anywhere an opportunity to compete and earn their spot in the coveted finals. It was a way to give back to the skate community and I loved being a part of it.

Every year we concocted a different theme to base our branding and promotion on. From 2017 - 2019 I created the Best Foot Forward logo along with a slew of other materials like physical rewards, vehicle wraps, web promotions, and much more. One year we made a terrible squishy foot with a 3D printed skeleton inside.
2019 — The World of Tomorrow

Inspired by the optimism of the World's Fair 2019's BFF branding is a look in to the bright futures of our competitors. 

Take a look at all this stuff! An ad in Trasher Magazine! Very holographic stickers! A metal sign! I even illustrated a cute robot to live in the van.
2018 — Witch Hunt

This is the best logo I've done. The mystic, witchy vibes are incredibly fun to work with. This was all done in Procreate on an iPad with a little touch-up in Photoshop. For the finals in Boston I got to make an alternate version in color that informed the decor of the event.
Take a look at the van wrap we made this year. If you look closely the front of the van is a creature all its own.
2017 — Toxic Avenger

I had real actual nightmares working on this one.

Every sketch turned in a little more upsetting than the last but hey, that's what we were going for. Primarily digital illustration done in Photoshop.
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